KPC 300/400 options

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KPC 300/400 options

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Can anyone tell me what are all the available options in the GE / Ericsson KPC 300/400 VHF radios. I have 2 300s and 3 400s i am needing programmed. I have not been able to locate the owner's manual or the maintenence manuals for these radios so I have no idea what is availabe to me (other that 16 ch.) And if anyone can tell me where I could possible find the manuals for these radios would be great.

Also, since I would rather program these radios myself (so I know it is how I want them) does anyone know how I can LEGALLY obatin the programming software. :eeek: I have checked all over G.E., Ericsson, and M/A Com websites but I find no reference to these radios anywhere. I even called M/A Com to ask about it and they acted like they had no idea what I was talking about. I have read around that there is an old DOS version and somewhere is a windows version. I want to againg stress I am looking to LEGALLY obtain this software, but it seems to no longer be supported by the most recent owner (being M/A-Com). Anyhelp on this from ayone here would be greatly appreciated.
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Post by Meatball »

The KPC 300/400 radios were 16 channel conventional scan radios.

They can be programmed with MACOM's Programmer (Conventional or EDACS). Last I knew, however, Conventional Programmer was about $800 from MACOM. Unfortunately, unlike Kenwood and many other manufacturers, they don't bother breaking down the software by model, so in order to program the radio, you have to buy the one software program that programs all the MACOM models.

The official programming diagram for the KPC 300/400 shows the TQ3385/TQ3389 software, a TQ-3370 RIB, and an RPM 113 2472/1 programming cable.

I believe all you get for features is scan (priority scan) and type 99 decode.

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