SC4 Programming issues

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SC4 Programming issues

Post by n2jve » Tue Dec 11, 2007 2:53 pm

Hi All,

Thanks for reading. I am trying to reprogram my Low Band Orion for 6 Meters because of some Frequencies changes etc. My friend who programmed it the last time does not have the programming and SC4 files anymore. So I came accross the SC4 file that I believe is right the first line as follows : FREQTBL / f / b0 /=02 and etc.

Anyways, I clicked on my 6 Meter file and a window popped up and said: "SC4 File may not be compatible with new Radio Type" so I tried it anyways.Tried going through th programming process but of course it didn't work (I figured as much).

Going through the Options and Directory Settings I made sure that the Enable SC4 Files was checked (which it was). Then Under Options in the Personality I clicked on General Options and looked to make sure that the path for the SC4 File Name is correct.
C:\SC4\35_4.sc4 (again it is correct)

I am using Programmer Version 16 with a homemade ribless cable. I know the cable works because I used it on the same Low Band Radio to program a bunch of 46 Mhz. Frequencies that I monitor without a problem.

I forgot to mention that about 3/4 of the way through the program process that i get a window that pops up and says ; " Line 1 Bad Script --- ( i forget the rest)

So i'm asking if anyone has run into this type of problem with either Version 16 or any other Version. If anyone has any solutions it would be great. You can E-mail me directly at or leave a message on the list.

Thank You in advance for your help and response back.

Mike N2JVE

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