KPC-300 Programming Problem

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KPC-300 Programming Problem

Post by radio230 »

I am trying to program an Ericsson KPC-300, model# KRD 103 111/12 R2G. The issue is I am trying to program a frequency, 153.830, and it requires a PL/CG tone of 69.3. The programming manual states anythin between 67.0hz and 210.7hz is acceptable. However, when I enter the 69.3 PL is spits out "Invalid Tone Chanel Guard" error. I even tried entering it "069.3" and same error. I do not understand why it will not accept it. I hope someone here can help me with this, or at least tell me why it will not work.

I am using the old Ericsson Dos ProGrammer 4.0.

Please help me as I have no idea what else to do. :x
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Re: KPC-300 Programming Problem

Post by ksptech1405r »

You might try using the old Contl E when putting it in. Also check and make sure that's in the normal tone range. you may have to settle for one close and not that exact tone. If it's only a few htz off it will still work. Stay as close as possible though, also find your list of PL tones and recheck it for correctness. good luck Bill

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